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Christian Addiction Therapy in Phoenix


You decide to “just have one drink.”  Before you know it you’ve five, then ten… Again.

You find yourself parking your car outside the bar (or your dealer’s house)… Again.

You try to go through a day without using and feel like your coming out of your skin. You go back… Again.


Your relationship with your spouse or significant other is close to collapse. When you slow down long enough to think about it, the shame about the double life you’ve been leading is agonizing.

You find yourself resentful and tuned out with loved ones. Relationships at work, with family members and with God are deteriorating.

You’ve lied so much and so often that it’s a struggle to keep your stories straight.

Covering your tracks is exhausting and using is expensive.


At The Way Recovery, our mission is to provide support and healing to people with alcohol and/or drug addictions and their families. We are a licensed intensive outpatient (IOP) program trained to offer counseling to people who want to change direction.

We provide a biblically focused, safe and confidential therapeutic setting.

Intensive treatment for Christians ready to defeat addiction once and for all


Help begins with a phone call. Willing to spend 15 minutes to see how The Way Recovery can help?

It’s completely free and confidential.

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There is a solution. You can find redemption from your story the way so many others have.

The fact that you’re here means you’ve already taken the first step – admitting there is a problem and realizing that continuing down the road you’re on will only create more wreckage.

Hope comes when you make a decision.

Participating in an intensive program staffed by therapists who have experience helping others with these kinds of problems is the next step.



At The Way Recovery, you get so much more than just a weekly therapy session.  The way is an INTENSIVE treatment program designed to give you the support and structure you need to get and stay clean. 

You’ll get 2-3 groups per week (depending on insurance coverage) where you’ll learn evidence-based, cutting-edge therapeutic techniques to help you when things get rough. 

We teach you to utilize methods have been scientifically proven to increase your chances of saying “no” when the opportunity to use again comes up – that’s what matters!