Sex Addiction

Sex Addiction Counseling.

There are quite a few different kinds of sex addiction. These might include excessive use of pornography, frequently visiting massage parlors or strip clubs, compulsive masturbation, paying prostitutes for sex, cybersex or others.

These behaviors present some difficulties. They often put an individual at risk, but their reputation at risk, but their relationships at risk, and in some cases even put their freedom at risk (when illegal). Just like with other addictions sexual addiction is progressive, chronic, and can be fatal.

Nearly everyone I’ve worked with has tried it one point or another to stop this behavior on their own. Some are successful for a time, but usually the cycle of addiction will come back unless there is support. Freedom from compulsive sexual behavior generally requires outside intervention.

My job as a therapist is to help the addicted person learn learn to live in a way that is supportive of themselves, the reputation and/or their relationships. Escape from sexual addiction begins with understanding the core issues that cause the addiction, processing those experiences, becoming aware of triggers, and gaining the tools to live life honestly.


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