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Pain is Gain in Early Recovery

When does an addiction start?

I’ve worked with hundreds of addicts in my lifetime. The answer is almost always 12 years old, give or take a year.
Every once in a while I run into a client who says they got into it later than that. But when I do I ask them about their relationship with sex or food.
People who did not get started on their addiction to a substance usually got started on a behavior.

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Learning from Death – Grief and Recovery

Sunday night a friend died.  One of his friends says “He went home for Thanksgiving.  I’m pretty sure he scored some dope there and he wanted to get it all used up before school started again.”

He was one of my favorites.

Super funny kid. 

But, like most mascots, he was scared of his pain. 

Another of his friends said “I remember when I first got into a treatment center here locally.  The guy who checked me in said ‘if you do the deal and stick around, you’re going to see a lot of people die.’ I just didn’t expect it to be him.”

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