Trauma robs us of time. 

It might be time missed with loved ones. Time spent in addictions. Or maybe time lost to pain, loneliness, rage or being overly controlling. 
These are all common symptoms of trauma.
Are you tired of suffering? Or pretending the problem will go away “with time”? Do you find yourself regretting opportunities lost in love, work, friendships or with family?
Most people think of trauma as sexual abuse, physical violence or severe accidents. It’s those things too, but it can also include things like changing job, moving, loss of a pet, bullying, certain medical procedures… the list is long and each person’s nervous system is different. 

Good news though. You’ve still got time.  

Whether you’re 18 or 80, you can move in a new direction. You can heal.  

I see it every day.  People changing the way they do relationships in love, in work, with friends, and in life. People learning to tolerate, like and eventually even love themselves, many for the first time in their lives.   In this life, I’ve been blessed with some gifts and an education that has allowed me to help many, many people. 
Want to find out if I can be of help to you too?
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